• it’s no secret that complicated craft projects and i are not friends. Which is why this one really appeals to me – simple and seemingly doable and it’s such a good way to use up those old doilies you may have inherited from your old aunties! These are lovely for just about any occasion – and especially as decor for vintage-themed weddings.


    You’ll need:

        •    vintage or new lace
    •    scraps of fabric for base pieces (optional)
    •    spray starch
    •    scissors and sewing supplies
    •    old jars
    Choose a piece of lace, spray it with starch and carefully press it with the iron on an appropriate setting (hot for cotton lace, cooler for synthetics) until it is stiff.

    Wrap lace, with wrong side facing outwards, around a jar and pin the seam together. Trim off excess lace, leaving a 5mm seam allowance. Slip the lace cylinder off the jar and stitch the seam by hand.

    Trace the base of the jar and cut a circle from scrap fabric or from the lace. Pin and hand stitch the circle to the lower edge of the cylinder using a 5mm seam.

    Turn the lace vessel right-side out and slip it back onto the jar.

    Tip If you use lots of starch and heavy cotton lace, you may be able to get the lace vessel to stand up on its own. Use it as a pretty container for one of your collections.

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      Wow! this is so beautifull , thank u for sharing 🙂

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