• While Vicki is making her way back from Mauritius, I’ve been keeping jealousy boredom at bay by dreaming up some DIY projects to do with my kids. We recently discovered the fun that can be had with just a few cardboard boxes by making pirate boats to sail and maraud around the lounge: all you need is a box big enough to sit in, crayons and chalk for decorating, a stick and paper (for the flag) and some gaffer or duct tape to attach the mast and flag to the boat. I’ll post some pics to Facebook shortly… Now that I’ve been reminded of that old adage that goes something like ‘a kid prefers the box that the toy comes in to the actual toy’, I’ve become obsessed and spent my time during every supermarket shop begging for as many cardboard boxes (in all shapes and sizes) that I can in order to try these jaw-dropping projects. Trust me, you’re going to LOVE these ideas – and there are one or two grown-up ones as well! All the how-to links are below the pics.

    From Pink Stripey Socks

    These showstoppers from A Beautiful Mess

    An interlocking medieval castle from the insanely inspirational Mermag


    A colourful cardboard city from Alisa Burke

    From the November Anthropologie catalogue and found here. There aren’t instructions but it’s easy enough to go by the visuals

    A reversible cardboard necklace by Minted

    How is that chimney? This is from Ukkonooa

    Hard to believe they’re made from cardboard! See how-to at You Want Me To Buy That?

    An upcycled planter for your greenery from Weekday Carnival. Love it

    Hope you liked these ideas everyone. Have a fab day xx

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    1. Lois Carol Wessels on

      great ideas – so inventive

    2. Taweni on

      So doable!!! Love this idea!

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